Vehicle idling - how to reduce your fleet's operating costs with GPS trackers

Posted by Sarah Dwyer on Jun 26, 2019 11:54:03 AM
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Idling causes unnecessary fuel consumption wasteful emissions and occurs more wear and tear on your vehicle.

According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) the savings from reduced idling could be worth $3,000 per year for a large truck travelling 100,000 km per year.

The 3-minute rule

If drivers are expecting to idle for more than 3 minutes, it’s good practice to turn off the engine as this is the point in which the cost saving is greater than leaving the engine idling.  How many of your team who drive know this helpful tip to save on fuel?  It might be worth ensuring that you have some guidance on this during on-boarding as well as some regular updates on how best to manage their vehicles.  If they don't know about it chances are they are idling regularly and adding extra and unnecessary costs. 

Start a movement (no pun intended!)

Encourage your drivers to reduce their idling. How? By talking about their idling times. Talking about idling regularly in updates and meetings will ensure they fully understand the implications behind idling, why this is important for them and the business. By using a tracker you’ll be able to measure, and articulate how idling could be impacting your business. It will help you understand which staff are repeatedly sitting idle, and drill down to their map and movement history to have conversations around why this could be happening.

Are you keeping an eye on idling times?

With high fuel prices and maintenance costs, below is a quick report you can run on ArmadaGPS to see who and where your vehicles are sitting with the engine running unnecessarily.


Go to the ArmadaGPS platform and click on:

Reports> Standard Reports .

Select New > Stops Report

Select your date range and vehicles that you want to report on and 'Generate Report'


  • Read the ArmadaGPS User Guide about creating standard reports
  • Get a demo 
  • Watch a 2 minute video:

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