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Posted by Sarah Dwyer on Oct 17, 2019 10:00:52 AM
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When your fleet vehicles are spread out across multiple geographic areas, you need smart solutions to manage your remote workforce. It is important to communicate, monitor productivity and safety of remote workers to keep them engaged, safe and motivated.

Using telematics for remote workforce management

Telematics combines informatics and telecommunication to offer intelligent fleet management solutions with asset and vehicle tracking technology. With telematics, it is not only easy to track the vehicles, monitor the exact location, speed and fuel consumption, but also manage the mobile workforce in a streamlined way. GPS sensors transmit real-time information about drivers, which enable fleet managers to gather, monitor and analyse a host of remote workforce data.

However, while traditional GPS tracking products can gather individual data at predetermined times, Sensium’s ArmadaGPS with Truepath Tracking™ offers second by second vehicle data reports that continually track the exact path taken across the journey. With this innovative technology, fleet managers can:

  • Identify risky driving behaviours such as harsh braking, over-speeding, acceleration and cornering
  • Monitor driver activity out of hours
  • Compare each driver’s current and past performance
  • Analyse a driver’s performance in relation to other drivers
  • Use live maps to identify riskier roads to improve driver safety
  • Enhanced driver monitoring with driver ID-Module (add-on) 

The continuous real-time data helps you watch the journeys live or play the recording at any time to ensure no detail is missed.

Communicate better

Before the advent of telematics, communicating with multiple drivers out in the field was a complex business. Large fleet management involves management of resources spread across a wide geographical area. 

ArmadaGPS with Truepath Tracking™ simplifies communication processes while reducing the need for and time spent in checking in and reporting in. The technology automates the process and ensures fleet managers always have access to the most necessary data on the workforce. Additionally, with two-way messaging enabled by Garmin Messaging, fleet managers and drivers can stay in touch throughout the journey.

Review and reward performance

Telematics is also an intelligent solution which can be used by fleet managers to:

  • Efficiently review, monitor and manage driver performance
  • Make data-driven decisions with driving performance data
  • Provide quick, reliable and efficient driver feedback with actionable reports
  • Identify substandard performance
  • Provide additional training, instruction or information
  • Encourage drivers to improve their driving
  • Reward consistent good performance

Easy two-way communication, data-based performance review and timely feedback can help keep your remote workforce engaged and motivated, which ultimately reflects on your business’ bottom line.

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