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Posted by Sarah Dwyer on Sep 18, 2019 8:40:33 AM
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TruePath Tracking

When researching telemetry, before you even start talking price or features, ensure the provider has the groundwork right:

  • RCM approved hardware - to avoid hefty fines (see footnote) 
  • End to end data encryption -  to protect your vehicle data 
  • Complete vehicle history (TruePath Tracking™)

It is difficult to envision making good decisions in the absence of data. Every aspect of running a profitable business, including fleet safety and efficiencies, is dictated by facts about the performance of your fleet operations.

Monitoring and collecting vehicle data has become the norm, but some companies are doing a better job than others. ArmadaGPS is able to gain accurate vehicle data into ground realities for driver behaviour that help inform overall fleet management and contribute to strategies better aligned to business objectives.

Is a GPS tracker enough?

You may already be using a GPS tracker for improved driver safety and fleet management. But are you equipped with the accurate vehicle data to fully understand the risks as well as efficiencies your fleet could be making? Or know what happened in the event of a speeding ticket or worst case scenario - a car crash? The TruePath Tracking™ feature of ArmadaGPS enables the full data to continuously flow through all reports, alerts and playbacks to ensure the customer is getting the big picture on it’s fleets’ movements.

TruePath Tracking™, our proprietary technology, brings driving behaviours to light with a second-to-second visibility of peak speeds changes along a route. Unlike other GPS tracking products, which collect individual points of data at predetermined times, TruePath Tracking™ constantly monitors and collects important vehicle data. The continuous flow allows for no data gaps to occur so the full picture is available not intermittent speed recordings that make up an incomplete picture. This is crucial to maximising efficiencies in your business. A complete picture of driving behaviour and trends like average and top driving speed is necessary for accurate conclusions on how vehicles are being driven every day and of course, ‘what went wrong’ so the best course-for corrective action is taken to minimise the risk of future events.

Speed is one of the major contributors of fatal crashes, (source: Ministry of Transport) with high-risk drivers making up 34% of all at-fault drivers in fatal crashes. Driver speed is a key risk that must be addressed by fleet managers and drivers.

When the driver of your vehicle had no part to play in the crash, the data is useful in helping you limit liability and develop appropriate responses for future incidents.

Accurate data on driver’s speeding and speeds is not the only reason why TruePath Tracking™ is worth investing in. If your GPS tracker only polls data every 200 to 500 metres, you may well be being seeing gaps in your data, and miss out on behavioural trends that need addressal. Daily and monthly reports that gather ALL the critical data can help fleet managers make better, more informed decisions about the safety and operational efficiencies of their fleet. Live vehicle tracking, reports and alerts with TruePath can plug gaps and offer relevant, business-specific insights.

You can also easily gauge if expected behaviours are being followed. If you suspect a link between behavioural trends and days of the week or peak seasons, data can validate or refute it. Data from TruePath Tracking™ can point you to opportunities that bring about greater process efficiency or alert you to an overlooked aspect of fleet management. Actionable vehicle data also offers a means to understand if your actions and strategies are actually being supported by the ground reality. You don’t have to wait for financial data and performance scores to start addressing inefficiencies and problematic behaviours proactively.


The RCM tick indicates that our TRACKbox products are compliant with the Australia and New Zealand radio-communications and Electro Magnetic Compatibility (ENC) standards. As of 1 March 2013, any device needs RCM approval Regulatory Compliance Mark to show the device has been checked to determine Telco approval, electrical safety compliance, and EMF radioactivity testing. This applies to all devices being retailed.



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