How to leverage telematics for improved business productivity

Posted by Sarah Dwyer on Oct 17, 2019 9:22:12 AM
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Increasing productivity, staying on schedule, adhering to budget and ensuring safety are the key focus areas and also the biggest challenges of fleets across industries.  Read on for a simple 4-step productivity strategy checklist. 

Large enterprise companies that own thousands of vehicles and manage multiple drivers face unique challenges related to fleet management:

  • Managing a large team of drivers
  • Utilising assets to the optimal extent
  • Finding specific information quickly
  • Preventing unauthorised use of assets
  • Reducing fuel cost

Fleet managers need to not only overcome operational challenges but also have to deal with environmental policies, cybersecurity mandates, productivity challenges and vehicle utilisation, all of which impacts business success.

The telematics way to business success

Telematics, as a key management tool for fleet managers, offers smart solutions that equip fleet managers and owners to streamline operations and safety while optimising business success.

Vehicles with GPS fleet tracking or telematics technology provide efficient solutions to ongoing pain points of fleet managers by offering real-time insights into comprehensive data. From controlling costs, minimising time wastage, increasing efficiency to meeting safety standards, telematics address complex challenges that can hamper business success.

Safety tracking:

Driver safety being of paramount concern, fleet managers need to get the digital blueprint of all aspects of the vehicle operation. ArmadaGPS with Truepath Tracking™ offers second by second 24/7 recording of vehicle data through its entire journey. With real-time data and alerts, the telematics help fleet managers understand how to implement accident prevention measures to enhance driver safety standards.

Customer service:

Management of a fleet requires day and night attention. Customers or employees can seek information at any time. With telematics, you can quickly access the required information from any device and any location, helping you optimise customer service.

Cost efficiency:

A safe fleet is also a cost-efficient one. Telematics help in getting accurate insights into vehicle damage or wear and tear, speeding fines, excess fuel use and driver behaviour. With smart metrics such as harsh braking, speed and acceleration, fleet managers can set up alerts to warn drivers upon breaching speed limits and save on speeding fines. In a survey of fleet managers, 46% said telematics reduced their fuel expenses.

Streamline all business areas:

A survey of fleet operators in New Zealand shows that 79% of them plan to or currently implement telematics to efficiently manage their vehicles, staff and assets. ArmadaGPS with Truepath Tracking™ helps businesses reduce errors associated with manual timesheet reporting and paperwork, automate routine tasks, manage time more efficiently to optimise productivity, and, in turn, profitability.

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