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Posted by Sarah Dwyer on Aug 2, 2019 9:01:52 AM
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Getting from A to B used to be pretty straightforward. These days, it comes with a few more challenges - 44% more in fact! That’s how much the number of vehicles in New Zealand has increased by between the years 2000-2015, with almost 3.9 million vehicles on our roads (source: Massey University).

So what does this mean for businesses who rely on vehicles to operate? Higher costs, risks, emissions and competition to name a few - which also means that making decisions based on accurate and reliable data has never been more critical to profitability.

Telematics - the cornerstone of business efficiencies and workplace safety

Connecting critical vehicle data to business operations enables informed and fact-based decision making through the data that is collected. Telematics offers this transparency, by allowing decision-makers to understand what is causing their business to under perform.

Aside from productivity, the other elephant in the room for fleet managers these days is New Zealand’s biggest workplace safety reform: The Health and Safety At Work Act 2015. This now puts the duty of care on employers with tougher penalties for workplace accidents. Given that the car is one of the most hazardous ‘workplaces, greater transparency is crucial not only for decision making for management but accountability of all drivers.

Here are 3 ways telematics can and will improve your bottom line and improve workplace safety:

1. Reduces your fleet’s operating costs

The old saying you have to spend money to make money really does apply to this benefit. But the cost of outlays for tracking is very relative to the amount of savings that your company can make from implementing telematics. Haemorrhaging cash or resources is not an option for profitable businesses. ArmadaGPS software records around 200 million vehicle events every month - that's vehicle insights that you can rely on to save money and resources each and every day. This all adds up to put your productivity into a profitable trajectory.

Can you afford to only partially understand how much your operations are costing you?  Idling time plays a big part on a fleet's operating costs. According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) the savings from reduced idling could be worth $3,000 per year for a large truck travelling 100,000 km per year. By using a tracker you’ll be able to measure, and articulate how idling could be impacting your business read this blog to find out how to reduce your fleet's idling time

2. Pinpoint your vehicles’ exact locations and time spent on the job

By connecting the vehicle to your business operations you’re able to pinpoint any connected vehicles exact location. You’ll be able to see if the engine is idling or moving and at what speed. It also allows you to give customers accurate arrival times and ensure both time-sheets and customer invoices are accurately billed for time spent on the job.

Perhaps you are keeping log books of your driver's journeys to assist with calculating fringe tax benefits. With ArmadaGPS, recording and data entry of journey times can take place with the push of a few buttons, read more on this here

3. Tracks your drivers' habits

What you don’t know won't kill you but if you bury your head in the sand on this one the chances are you're going to get bitten.

Being able to keep track of dangerous driving like harsh cornering is pivotal to your workplace health and safety. Tracking your vehicles allows for open transparent measures to be put in place and monitored, ensuring your drivers are doing their bit to keep themselves and others safe.

If your team could do with tips around safety in their vehicles, have a read of these Little tricks to make a big difference to your drivers' speeding habits or get in touch to find out more about how telematics could boost your business’s bottom line request a demo


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