ArmadaGPS with Truepath Tracking™ optimises road user charges (RUC)

Posted by Sarah Dwyer on Sep 3, 2019 1:27:37 PM
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Does your business use diesel-powered vehicles? Road User Charges (RUC) may be a component of your overall business costs. The revenue from road user charges pays towards things like road maintenance, and safety. Even as you do your bit to help assure our roads are well-maintained and safe, you may also be concerned at how quickly road user charges are adding up in your business

ArmadaGPS makes RUC charges easier to manage

ArmadaGPS with Truepath Tracking™ collects driver data second-by-second by following the exact path taken by your drivers’ throughout their entire journey. This information is available to your fleet managers 24/7. At any given point of time, fleet managers can check on the fleet, confirming vehicles are where they’re required to be, and identify issues that can potentially cause delays. Beyond the benefits of providing full visibility into vehicle activity and providing quick updates to affected customers, ArmadaGPS can help reduce road user charges by ensuring that you’re only paying for on-road usage.

How does it work?

All vehicles that are required to pay road user charges must display distance licences. Haulage businesses need a system to ascertain the number of off-road kilometres logged by their fleets. Without this information, it is not possible to recover off-road charges. ArmadaGPS collects all the off-road data on the distance-based report.

ArmadaGPS distance-based reports provide the exact distance travelled so that the distance licences can be renewed. The ArmadaGPS vehicle tracking distance-based alerts for RUC charges work alongside a ‘Zebra’ RUC label machine. Once the label machine is purchased then businesses can print what licences they needs, when they need it, an end to end solution that puts control into the hands of the fleet manager. Vehicles must always have a current RUC licence. When the RUC distance is reached a new licence is required (source: NZTA)

ArmadaGPS also simplifies verification for time sheets and billing, as well as truck maintenance alerts. For urgent or high-consequence deliveries, the ability to receive smartphone push alerts about your fleet is invaluable. Fleet managers can also opt to receive email alerts.

Other useful information that you can run as formal reports include time on site and time to site, mileage and daily activity. They can be emailed at schedules of your preference or run on demand.

RUC increases affect margins

As of July 1 2019, the road user charge for light diesel vehicle owners is $62.61 per 1000 kilometres. For transport operators, an increase in road user charges for heavy or light diesel will likely affect margins unless they pass the costs on to consumers. Changes in tax and fuel prices are typically addressed as adjustments in freight rates. However, in a competitive landscape, transport operators may think twice about competing on price if that means compromising on their long-term profits (source: NZ Truck & Driver Magazine).


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