4 ArmadaGPS tricks you've got to try!

Posted by Sarah Dwyer on May 28, 2019 11:41:08 AM
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There are so many ways you can use AmardaGPS to discover insights about your fleet and drivers' behaviour.  We’ve come up with four of our top tricks you need to learn to become an ArmadaGPS Champion! You’ll have the right data for your business right at your fingertips!  

1.Scheduling ArmadaGPS Reports Saves you time and keeps your vehicles safe

Get the data you need when you need it by scheduling your ArmadaGPS Reports. It takes a few minutes to set up. You can schedule, daily, weekly, or monthly reports to be emailed to yourself.  Cut back on time waiting for reports to download and keep your fleet maintained and safe.  





2. The ArmadaGPS Heat Map - entire months activity at a glance 

View an entire month's activity at a glance using the ArmadaGPS Heat Map. From the Heat Map you can see what journey's your vehicles are doing most often and make decisions about how best to optimise their time spent on these routes. Perhaps you can see too much time is being spent with one or two customers that just aren't necessary or too much time  is being spent on the motorways.  This really allows the fleet manager to get a clear visibility of what is taking up staff time and precious resources.  Often our customers can make some big cut backs on time and fuel by using the Heat Map a great tool for fleet visibility! 



3. Get the Daily Activity Report to know what your drivers are doing

The Daily Activity Report uses Truepath Tracking™ to provide critical driver behaviour insights. The Daily Activity reports provides a high level of visibility to ensure you are able to identify any drivers who are at risk.



4. Creating a Defined Place

Creating a Defined Place in ArmadaGPS defines a virtual boundary around a geographical area or address. In doing so, a Place or Type of Place is created. A place can be an address of one of your customers, suppliers or work zones.




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